Need some HDMI cables for your spaceship?

January 8th, 2012

… Amazon has you covered with these $1000+ beauties. They’re a whopping 3 feet in length and have plugs at both ends!

These babies make the ever-popular (internet whipping boy) Monster Cable brand look like a positive bargain by comparison! Seriously though, I was positive that I was looking at a price mistake, but I was able to find the same brand HDMI cables at similar astronomical prices at Best Buy.

I sincerely doubt that anyone reading this blog is in the target market for thousand-dollar cables (e.g.: rich and gullible), but just in case: HDMI is a digital signal. Essentially, that means cable quality plays absolutely no role in how well the data gets transmitted — either it won’t work at all, or it will work perfectly. A $2 cable will work every bit as well as these thousand-dollar wonders.

There is a legitimate market for high-end cables, especially in serious audiophile gear, but only in those that carry analog signals — which are subject to unwanted noise that exotic materials and higher build quality can reduce (whether or not the actual difference is discernable to the average human ear is another matter). But when somebody tries to sell you “premium” digital cables, they’re just trying to rip you off. Don’t be a sucker.

And just in case you happen to be in the market for HDMI cables, I recommend You can pick up HDMI cables there for under $2 apiece. Buy yourself something nice with the thousand bucks that you saved.


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