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Clueless woman calls Obama a communist; has no idea what “communist” means

October 12th, 2012 1 comment

An interesting video clip showcasing a good example of extreme voter ignorance & prejudice was taken at the VP debate yesterday:

(the action starts at the 30 second mark; you can click here to skip right to it)

This woman hates Obama so much that she is willing to literally scream “communist!” over and over in a crowded forum. When she finally does get called out, she is unable to explain what a communist is—or really, say anything intelligent whatsoever. All she can do is repeat “just study it out” in response to a reporter’s basic questions about her obvious penchant for parroting things she’s heard but obviously doesn’t understand. Oh, the irony.

Despite the fact that she is clearly a fantastically uninformed & prejudiced lunatic, it’s a good bet that she’ll be exercising her right to vote in November. Go go democracy!

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