Congressman cites obvious satire as fact

February 6th, 2012

Congressman John Fleming (R-La.) apparently doesn’t understand satire. The following update was posted to Fleming’s Facebook page this past Friday:

From Congressman John Fleming's Facebook page

The article that Fleming’s post links to is from The Onion, a popular news satire website. The story details an obviously fictional Planned Parenthood “Abortionplex”, and contains gems such as the following excerpt:

“We really want abortion to become a regular part of women’s lives, especially younger women who have enough fertile years ahead of them to potentially have dozens of abortions,” said Richards, adding that the Abortionplex would provide shuttle service to and from most residences, schools, and shopping malls in the region. “Our hope is for this facility to become a regular destination where a woman in her second trimester can whoop it up at karaoke and then kick back while we vacuum out the contents of her uterus.”

Fleming’s post was deleted shortly after it was posted, but not before it was noticed. Several visitors to the congressman’s Facebook page left comments, with one person asking: “How exactly did you get elected?”

If you’ve been paying attention, you might recall that Fleming is the same guy who was recently complaining about proposed tax increases to the wealthy. Fleming insisted that he simply can’t afford a tax hike, stating: “By the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over.” Which quite clearly isn’t enough to buy any common sense.

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