Terrorism: it’s everywhere!

December 19th, 2011
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Some buildings + airplane = terrorism!

The image to the right has been making the rounds on Facebook over the past few days, accompanied by the following caption:

“FB family I need your help, so today while in Iraq shutting down one of the bases there ironically enough I stumbled upon this can of diet pepsi. Take a close look at the picture and tell me the first thought that comes to your mind. Mine and many other of my brother in arms was not a pleasant one so I just want to make sure we re not bias. If you see the same thing I did, I will never ever buy another Pepsi product again, this is an insult. Thank you for your feedback and participation.”

Judging by peoples’ comments, the image on this particular can (manufactured in Dubai, by Pepsi Arabia) should immediately evoke feelings of disgust and rage in Americans everywhere. And upon inspection, it is easy to see why: there are some blue buildings forming a miniature skyline, an airplane flying overhead, and what appear to be bubbles floating lazily in the air. For god’s sake, people — bubbles!

Really, America? Every time we see a couple of buildings together with an airplane, we’re going to shout “9/11” now?

This isn’t even the first time that something like this has happened. In 2002, Starbucks actually pulled promotional posters from their stores after customers complained that the imagery on them drew a clear and painful parallel to the 9/11 attacks. An image of the Starbucks poster in question is below so you can judge for yourself. I wish I was making this up.

Dragonfly + sugary drinks? Yup, terrorism!


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