Cupcakes of mass destruction confiscated by TSA

December 29th, 2011
Explosively delicious!

Explosively delicious!

A woman traveling to Las Vegas violated anti-terrorism regulations when she attempted to board an airplane with a pair of cupcakes this week.

Rebecca Hains was stopped by the TSA and informed that the “gel-like” icing on her delicious baked goods could potentially be used as an explosive, and was forced to surrender them. According to, Hains had no trouble a few days earlier at Logan International airport in Boston, where TSA agents commented that the cupcakes looked delicious. Obviously, TSA agents in Las Vegas didn’t agree.

The TSA has quite the history when it comes to confiscating items of questionable danger. For example:

Meanwhile, the TSA’s record on finding items that are actually dangerous is pretty much abysmal.

As far as the cupcakes go, I know that I’ll sleep better knowing that our skies are free from the threat of delicious, sugary treats.

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